The Only Way is Up – Varbergs Konsthall 2018
Group show at Varbergs Konsthall May 26, 2018 until August 26, 2018
Artists: Vanessa Baird, Irene Nordli, Otto Karvonen, Jorunn Myklebust Syversen, Mekdes W. Shebeta, Henrik Teleman, Kristin Tårnes

In 2015 I moved from Bergen to Stavanger to work for Hanne Mugaas as curatorial assistant. In 2016 during Mugaas´ 12 month maternity leave I led the institution as Interim Director. In 2017 I moved to Oslo but continued to work for the Kunsthall in a 50% position as coordinator.

The Only Way is Up – Kunsthall Stavanger 2016

Facts, Stories, and Anecdotes – Kunsthall Stavanger 2015

KNIPSU 2010 – 2015
KNIPSU is an artist-run initiative in Bergen, Norway that operates as a local art space and a mobile arena, producing exhibitions, events, screenings, concerts, workshops and publications. KNIPSU set out to provide an interdisciplinary meeting point for creative exchange and dialogue between artists across national borders. It was founded within the framework of collaboration and DIY by artists Hilde Jørgensen and Maya Økland in August 2010.

Today KNIPSU is run by Hilde Jørgensen and Tarik Hindic;


KNIPSU & the Syrian Cultural Caravan – Bergen 2015

Fett magazine launch and texts – Kunsthall Stavanger 2015

December: Magazine launch and collaboration with Petr Pavlensksy & Oksana Shalygina. The magazine Political Propaganda was released. Performance by Siri Borgé.

October: Travel to Beirut and Istanbul together with Hilde Jørgensen and Wiam Alaridi to do research for an upcoming exhibition and art event.

The Pleasure of Negative Emotions – KNIPSU 2014

Anonymous Nationalist – Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow 2014

Birth – KNIPSU 2014

100år!: I initiated a collaboration to celebrate Stemmerettsjubileet – the 100 years anniversary for womens right to vote in Norway. The collaboration was between Heidi Nikolaisen, assistant professor at the Bergen Art Academy, Malin Barth, Director at Gallery 3,14, Helga Nyman, curator, and Hilde Jørgensen, KNIPSU.

Program 100år!

  • March 8th Textfukkers – exhibition at KNIPSU
  • April 9th Power to Change! Seminar at the Bergen public library. Participants: Helga Nyman, Joanna Rytel, Steven Dixon, Afrah Nasser, Gulabi Gang and Arne Skaug Olsen
  • April 10th Guerrilla Girls. Performance lecture at Landmark / Bergen Kunsthall Guerrilla Girls – Bergen Kunsthall 2013
  • April 11th A workshop with the Guerrilla Girls and students from the Art Academy. Also artists Joanna Rytel, Arne Skaug Olsen and Gitte Sætre.
  • May 22nd Power to Change – group show at KNIPSU with art students and artists Joanna Rytel, Arne Skaug Olsen and Gitte Sætre.
  • September 9th Betrayed – performance event on National election day in Norway. Participants: Petr Pavlensky, Föreningen JA!, Kwestan Jamal, Annika Ström, Ekaterina Sharova, Tanja Thorjussen, Sound of Sotra, Frans Jacobi, Mom&Jerry, art students and Russian video art. Texts by Synnøve G Wetten, Olga Jitlina, Wiam Alaridi, and HS Pettersen
  • November 16th Seminar at Gallery 3,14 about power relations and access with Karin Hindsbo, Nora Nerdrum, Hilde Herming, Knut Josøk, Dag Solhjell, Annette Kierulf and Sigrun Åsebø

Into the Woods – KNIPSU 2013

Folkoteka 2.0 – KNIPSU 2012

Blackout – KNIPSU 2010

2008 – 2011 
Curator of Flaggfabrikken Presenterer with the series Fatal Nordic Attractions, One-Night Stands, and Nordic Art Express in collaboration with Hilde Jørgensen


  • Spring: Nordic Art Express video screening in the Baltic
    With Mattias Härenstam (SE), Johanna Lecklin (FIN), Goodiepal (DK/FO), Jorunn Myklebust Syversen (NO), Björk Viggósdóttir (IS), Joanna Rytel (SE), Nina Lassila (FIN), Sigurdur Gudjonsson (IS), Kim Groustra (NO)
  • 05.01- Blackout Helsinki – Curated by Juhana Moisander and Minna Suoniemi
    With Flaggfabrikken members Hilde Jørgensen, Maya Økland, Kristin Tårnesvik and Heidi Nikolaisen
  • 22.10-14.11 Return of the Light and its Unbearable Brightness at KNIPSU, Bergen
    With Maiju Salmenkivi (FIN), Ingrid Askeland (NO), Doris Frohnapfel (DE), Heidi Mortenson (DK)
  • 29.09 Flaggfabrikken Presenterer 5 år with Goodiepal (DK/FO)
  • 17.09-10.10 Blackout at KNIPSU, Bergen
    With Finnish artists Heta Kuchka, Kasper Muttonen, Inka Nieminen, Aleksi Tolonen, Jaakko Rustanius, Minna Suoniemi, Juhana Moisander, Kimmo Kumela and Sari Palosaari
  • 07.05-17.05 Return of the Light and its Unbearable Brightness – Workshop and one-night-art-event in Ilulissat Greenland
    With Maiju Salmenkivi (FIN), Ingrid Askeland (NO), Doris Frohnapfel (DE), Heidi Mortenson (DK)


  • 10-11.12.09 Why are artists poor? Seminar w/ Hans Abbing (NL), REKO (SWE), Eivind Slettemeås (NO), Dag Solhjell (NO), Isabel Reiß (S), Catherine Hug (A) in collaboration with BKFH
  • 03.10.09 Part Art Part(y) Festival, Planningtorock (DE), FM Belfast (IS), Monica Winther(NO), Nils Bech(NO), Pitchtuner(DE) and Heidi Mortenson (DK) in collaboration with Ira Ira
  • 03.09.09 All the possibilities, performance by Tori Wrånes (NO)


  • 07.05.09 Faded Love Songs, videoperformance by Aurora Emilie Sandlilje (NO)
  • 02.04.09 HOLY WATER, Flaggfabrikken´s artist-in-residency Susanna Majuri and live concert by Lau Nau (FIN)
  • 05.03.09 Identity in the Making, Greenlandic filmmaker Laila Hansen´s film Inuk City Woman Blues and live concert by The Ghost from Faroe Islands
  • 04.12.08 You Can Take the Artist Out of Iceland but You Can´t Take Iceland Out of the Artist, Icelandic video art screening curated by the Icelandic Love Corporation and live concert by FM Belfast (IS)
  • 14.11.08 PLACED, booklaunch Verena Winkelmann (NO)
  • 06.11.08 Helsinki Special, art talk by researcher Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger and independent curator Aura Seikkula about Finnish photography (FIN)
  • 02.10.08 Copenhagen Do It Yourself, fanzine stand by Telefon Til Chefen and street art by (DK)
  • 11.09.08 The Swedish Rose, performance by Joanna Rytel (SWE)