(Parataxon is an artificial classification / grouping of something which does not necessarily belong together).
The two artist groups Ytter and KNIPSU team up in a united group show where the impact and degradation of communication serves as the starting point for the exhibition.

Common to Ytter and KNIPSU is that they are cooperative concepts within the visual arts field. They are initiated, influenced and get interpreted by the basis on how they act together. This also affects their individual artistic work. The boundary between I and We – what comes first, and what came with it, is not clearly defined.
However, art commonly serves as the motivation, cause and effect.

The exhibition’s thematic substructure is communication -and it’s power, authorship, and the signification of the sender for the reception of a message. The process leading up to the exhibition has consisted of meetings, presentations and a public workshop at the Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm in February 2012. During the year since the collaboration started, the constellation has changed too, some have moved on, others remain and thus, the redefinition of the group dynamic persists until the opening.

The act of forming a group provides dynamism and strength, but not if the collaboration stagnates, becomes an excuse or cements the ability to see the world with fresh eyes through art. To challenge the internal groupstructures and logic, the production of the exhibition aims to dissolve boundaries. Yours is mine, like an arranged marriage, we have made each other’s art works available for further development. Is there a substance behind the collaboration? How do we relate to this planned cooperative? Do we allow each other to enter all the way? Do we let go of the ownership of our art?

Further into the psychological sphere is a term called “Parataxic distortion”, a description of how perception of others may be based on fantasy, which often can occur when one is in love. An image is formed of the other person as a soul mate, but what happens when in reality the other person does not live up to these expectations? Such psychological dynamics may be transferred to the cooperative situation we find ourselves in, and it seems to work halfway therapeutic, halfway destructive, and buoyantly constructive.

Ytter is an artist group that makes use of different platforms within the visual arts field, the production and dissemination of art, especially through the channel, Ytter has with its diverse, and at times, unconventional art practice wanted to expand the boundaries around art. Ytter emerged in 2008 based in the local contemporary art scene  in Bergen, and consists of Anne Marthe Dyvi, Julie Lillelien Porter and Anngjerd Rustand.

KNIPSU is an artist-run exhibition space in Bergen, with a focus on exchange, production and network both locally and internationally. It operates within the framework of DIY and KNIPSU likes to navigate through the outer sphere, to Nordic peripheries and interdisciplinary fusions. The gallery space in Bergen is also open to external acts as a result of a desire to be a meeting place for artistic initiatives in every sense. KNIPSU was established in 2010 by Hilde Jørgensen and Maya Økland.