Upcoming September 2019: Artist Residency at Kunstnarhuset Messen

Upcoming May 2019: Group show at The Spring Exhibition 2019

December 2018: Supplemental Light, Group show at SÌM Gallery, Reykjavik

December 2018: Artist residency at SìM, Reykjavik, Iceland

November 2018: Sailing Stormy Waters, Cabin Economy Contemporary, OCG / Stena Line. Curated by Log Lady Lusty and Ellen Christensen

August 2018:

  • 17: Pecha Kucha presentation at Fotografiets dag at Preus Museum, Horten
  • 17-18: Got It For Cheap, Golsa Gallery, Oslo

May 2018: Group show at Varbergs Konsthall (curator)

April 2018: Review in Kunstkritikk.no

April 2018: Group show at Telemark Kunstsenter

January 2018: Solo show at Varbergs Konsthall

May 2017: Photo book published by Teknisk Industri